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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Been A While...

It's really been a while since I've posted anything, but I finally have something to say again. It will probably be short, but I feel I need to say it.

I truly support the "Right to Work" status our our state holds. But I hate the way corporations can manipulate that status. They can force you to work overtime. If you decline, they can fire you. Granted, unions prevent that from happening, but I will never, ever join a union. More on that later.

Working for a company that had crews in our department working staggered 12 hr schedules, which covered the place 24/7, all was well. Then they switched us to Monday through Friday, 8hr, 3 shift schedule. Nobody on weekends. The other departments always run on weekends. So, stupid idea right? They didn't think so. So, now they are forcing us in on weekends, dumping a shitload of money on OT pay and pissing employees off. I don't know how many of the 13-1 shifts I can handle. (13 days on, one off)

Joining the union could secure my job, but I refuse to pay a bunch of assholes that sit in an office that will tell me when I can or can not work. I do not believe the employees should tell the boss how to run his company. BUT, I do believe the boss should have some compassion for his employees. We have lives, we have families, some of us are lucky enough to have personal lives outside of work.

I don't live to work. I work so that I can live. Or, as a very cool guy I know once said... "I work to support my family, I don't work to abandon my family."

I would accept the long days and schedules if the assholes who made said schedules worked them too. But they don't. They don't give a shit.

I'm growing more and more sick of this shit. Working at a gas station is starting to sound really fucking good.

I'm done.

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